About us


About us

With an established presence in the market and an acquaintance that is shown in each project developed, Semente is born in 2005 to connect the television experience with the IT technology, ensuring the best communication solution for companies.

Dedicated to multimedia communication, multicamera and live streaming, and with the target to answer effectively to clients’ needs, we want to approach and involve people actively in a virtual reality close to the real, adapted to current market requirements.

Based on the knowledge and experience of our employees, we are the result of work that’s dedicated and directed to the client, where we face each project in the convergence of technologies, computers, broadband networks and multimedia content, as a new challenge.

We are proud to establish a close professional relationship with our clients, to answer their concrete needs, maximizing the potential to use the installed solutions or services provided.

Here, each client is unique and motivates the creation of a personalized solution or service.


We create solutions and provide services that make it possible to communicate objectively, and in a differentiated and effective way, supporting our clients to achieve and consolidate leadership in the current market. Creating and generating solutions and innovating services, using the best communication technologies, that allow the establishment and continuity of the communication strategy designed by our clients.


We work to be market leaders in the development of solutions and innovating services for corporate communication. We position ourselves alongside our clients to support them in implementing their ideas and communication strategies.


What do our clients say?

The event went very well, the team was spectacular, always ready for last minute changes, with solutions and without complications, which is what we need! For that very reason, thank you to the whole team!

Cristina Monteiro

Once again, thank you very much for the work and effort in this event, you were spectacular!

Cátia Loureiro

It was an operation that went very well, which obtained a final result of high quality in terms of aesthetic and technical robustness. A high-quality work that increased the impact of the various contents of the livestreaming broadcast on the government’s digital platforms that afternoon of April the 25th.

Samuel Frazão Martins
Our team

Meet our team that guarantees that the solution for each project (of a product or service) is unique, innovating and corresponds to your expectations. Professionalism, demand, boldness and compromise – the words that conduct our work daily.


Thank you for trusting us!

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Email : producao@semente.biz

Telefone: (+351) 21 894 11 40

Adress: Via do Oriente 5.02 03C Piso 1, Escritório 4, 1990-514 Lisboa